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Why Quit Smoking Aids Are NOT About ‘Quitting’

Watch the short video below for more details. I’m going to explain to you what quit aids are REALLY about and believe it or not, they are not designed to stop you smoking. So what is the aim of a stop smoking aid then? Read on and i’ll tell you.

When you read this it might sound obvious at first, but it’s a little distinction that can make all the difference with your mental approach when it comes to quitting cigarettes or vapes. Every single method you can think of to help you stop smoking has one and only one aim and that is TO GIVE YOU A FEELING OF CONTROL!

Obvious on one hand, but still worth mentioning. The reason is because when a smoker has decided they want to stop smoking, they often don’t realise that the aid is not going to ‘stop you smoking’. All it can do (if it does anything at all), is replace the urges and cravings to smoke with a feeling of confident control. Once it’s done that, it’s done all it can do for you. The rest is up to you to make the COMMITTED DECISION not to smoke. That part is your responsibility. Some ways of quitting do that better than others and some aids are more effective than others.

When you’re considering which stop smoking aids is going to work for you, its important to understand what is causing the actual urges and cravings. Nicotine Replacement Therapy, or NRT’s as they are more commonly called, assume that the ONLY reason you’re craving a cigarette or a vape is because you’re a ‘drug addict’ addicted to nicotine. But is that actually true? There are many reasons why this isn’t completely accurate and not the full picture. If your smoking problem was just a ‘drug addiction’, then NRT’s would work every time, first time for every smoker. But they don’t do they? You’ve probably tried this already (especially if you’re a cigarette smoker). The simple fact is that smoking is more of a habit and a psychological dependancy rather than a drug problem. It doesn’t make sense to most smokers to feed their body more nicotine to get off nicotine anyway.

It’s for this simple reason why hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be the quickest, easiest way to quit (if you know how to do your research and find the right hypnotherapist for you). It makes sense to use a psychological tool to combat a psychological dependency, does it not? As for habits, it also makes sense to use your subconscious mind to address them because your unconscious mind is your ‘auto pilot’ thats taking care of all those automatic actions you do throughout the day, including smoking!

But here’s the thing to also keep in mind and this is crucial when you’re looking to stop smoking. Once you’ve found something that has given you the feeling of control, thats not the end of the story, no way! Staying a nonsmoker for the rest of your life is another challenge all together. You probably know this already. Have you already quit a few times in the past, went a little while, but then fell back into it? Perhaps because of stress, alcohol or complacency by convincing yourself that ‘one won’t hurt’? I know that happened to many times before I quit for good. The only way you can stack the odds in your favour that you’ll NEVER EVER go back to smoking once you’ve quit, is to find a program that gives you a BUNCH of post session support tools that will help you manage stress, build your personal resilience and help you never get complacent and make a silly drunken decision to have ‘just one puff’. I encourage you to have a look at the many tools i give my clients to reduce the chances of relapse, these can mean the difference between short term and long term success, which i’m sure is what you’re aiming for right?

Please comment, let me know what you thoughts or ask me any questions below. Show you care and please share. Feel free to call me directly any time on 1300 883 272 so we can have a free no obligation chat about your specific smoking situation.

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