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This Quit Smoking Hypnosis program is the best way to quit smoking because to quit cigarettes PERMANENTLY (not temporarily) you need the right mental preparation as well as effective, easy-to-use post-session support materials and techniques to help you create and maintain the LIFESTYLE of a non-smoker.  The QuitWithNick Program is a 4 step process. It was developed in 2007 by Nick Terrone, a Hypnotist (and ex-smoker) based in Sydney specialising in quitting smoking with a 96% success rate. This hypnosis for smoking cessation program has helped literally thousands of smokers live the belief that they once only dreamed of, ‘I CAN QUIT’! But don’t just take our word for it. Please check our 135+ 5-star rated Google reviews.


CALL Now 1300 883 272. This 15-minute assessment isn’t about talking about the benefits of quitting smoking, you probably already know that. This is an opportunity for us to ask you some questions about you, your lifestyle and your smoking habit before you want to stop smoking with hypnosis. We will discuss what you’ve tried in the past to quit, what worked, what hasn’t, why it didn’t, stress levels, drinking habits, what’s making it hard to quit and what could cause relapse in the future, its all relevant! It’s a chance for us to get a feel for one another, but most importantly its for us to determine if you’re going to be our next success story. Having been a smoker himself, Nick knows it’s just not enough to say ‘I want to quit smoking’, you have also to be committed to doing what it takes to quit! If we choose to work with you, we will proceed to the next step.


Preparation is the KEY If You Want to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis.

Once a booking is made (and a small deposit paid) you receive an email with your intake forms to fill in and bring to your stop smoking session as well as your preparation material. This material is your professional mindset coaching. Once you know the science behind how and why you’re going to Quit Cigarettes with Hypnosis and NLP, any healthy skepticism you might have will be totally and utterly GONE! The right preparation dissolves the ONE AND THE ONLY thing that can stand in the way of hypnosis working for you – RESISTANCE!


Your one-on-one session is approximately 2 hrs (but can go as long as 2.5hrs). It includes a thorough pre-talk, powerful hypnosis stop smoking cessation techniques that combine the cutting-edge mind-body rapid change therapy Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This not only dissolves and disconnects the smoking habit and cravings but creates new supportive associations to help you feel confident, calm, and in control during your old specific trigger moments..


* Personal Follow Ups: Nick will be in contact with you PERSONALLY both in the short term for many weeks after your session as well as long term via texts and emails to offer support, encouragement and to make sure you’re a happy healthy nonsmoker. Nick is committed to the LONG TERM success of his clients. We also want to continually track and monitor our REAL success rate. This is why follow-ups are so important.

* Hypnotic Reinforcement MP3’s: You receive 3 x guided hypnotic MP3 downloads to reinforce your face-to-face session. This includes guided relaxation, and heart-focussed breathing techniques to help you build your emotional resilience that eliminates the likelihood of relapse due to stress, negative emotions, or that ‘ill just have a puff’ thinking that can creep up on you after a few alcoholic drinks.

* Detox Tips: This includes quick and easy tips, advice and even simple foods and beverages that will help your body speed up the natural detox process to eliminate the 4,000 poisons from your body.

* Nonsmoking Affirmations: 50+ Downloadable Red Stop Smoking affirmation statements to encourage, motivate and inspire you to remain a healthy nonsmoker for years to come.

* Ebook ‘Meditation Tips for Beginners’: Nick has been teaching simple meditation for many years and his Ebook will help you develop and maintain a simple practice that is right for you. Another tool to help build your emotional resilience and reduces stress.

* Ebook: ’40 Ways to Relax Fast in Under 5 Minutes’. This ebook will guided you through 40 fast and simple ways to get relief in the moment to help you gain composure, calmness and confidence when you need it most.

* Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) PDF: Drawing on the wisdom and power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT is a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Energy Psychology which is catching the attention of healers, scientists, spiritualists and lay people. Often referred to as “Psychological Acupressure”, the technique works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. This PDF will teach you how to do this fast, simple yet powerful technique.

* V.I.P Access to The QuitWithNick Facebook Support Group: The intention of this closed private group is to offer you further, encouragement, inspiration and a pat on the back to celebrate your milestones with a community.

* Support Phone App: We will recommend what we believe is the best app to help you stay a non-smoker once you quit according to our review of several apps.


‘Enter your details for a FREE 15 min Phone Assessment along with instant access to my video ‘7 MUST KNOWS to Successfully Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy‘. (Check your email)


About Stop Smoking Hypnosis?


Great! You should be, especially with all the crazy things you might have seen on RSL stage shows, on cruise ships, on TV or in the movies. Does it seem like magic to you? Magic only looks like magic until you know the science behind it. The video below shares with you some of the science of hypnosis, how and why it can work for you.


To experience all the obvious benefits of quitting smoking you have to get to the cause of your smoking craving. The drug companies would like you to believe that the ONLY reason you’re smoking is because you’re a drug addict. Sure, that’s part of the story but not the entire story. That’s a great idea to push if you want to sell more drugs, but here’s a simple truth: cigarette or vape smoking is MOSTLY a habit and psychological dependency, not a ‘nicotine dependency’. If you believe this, then the next question is: ‘what part of my mind takes care of my habits’? It’s your unconscious/subconscious/non-conscious mind. This is the part of your mind that is often called your ‘auto pilot’.


Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is a process of simply following verbal instructions that allow you to experience the relaxed state that allows the conscious mind to interact with the unconscious mind. There’s no need to worry about whether you can be hypnotised or not, almost every one of sound mind can be (if they are a willing participant). And here’s the kicker, once you’ve done the preparation, you’ll realise that the hypnotic state is actually a very normal, natural state that we all experience at least 7-9 times a day. The important thing to remember is this, Hypnotherapy to quit smoking vapes or cigarettes is not something that is being done ‘to you’, it is something that is done TOGETHER, just like any other kind of therapy.


Even though Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, it’s crucially important to have a thorough preparation process before it comes time to sit in the chair and here’s why. Your conscious mind is totally present during the entire process of Hypnosis to stop smoking. Its for this very reason that your conscious mind needs to be fully informed, prepared, open and non-resistant to the process. The only thing that will stop all this from happening is a lack of preparation, care, experience, insight, or thoroughness on the part of the Hypnotherapist. This is why it is SO EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure you know what questions to ask your Hypnotherapist before making a booking.


The QuitWithNick Stop Smoking Hypnosis clinic based in Sydney specialises in one problem, smoking. Hypnotherapy can help with many things and most Hypnotherapists will say that they can help in all of these areas. Not us. We are not generalist Hypnotherapists who can help a little with many things. We are SPECIALISTS who can help a lot with one thing. It’s kind of like the difference between your family GP and the person your GP refers you to if you need specialist skills, thats us.


To answer that truthfully and accurately we need to be clear on the definition of success first. If you ask any Hypnotherapist that question, they’ll give you a percentage that sounds impressive, but here’s the question almost no smoker asks; ‘How did you calculate that number?’ For almost all Hypnotherapists, that’s just the percentage of clients who walked out their door and never called them again, but is this really a valid and legitimate ‘success rate’?


QuitWithNick is different. We take a proactive (not passive) approach to calculating our success rate. We follow up with every single one of our clients personally and ask them one simple question; ‘Since your session, on a scale of 0 to 100, how in control do you feel to not smoke when the thought of a cigarette crosses your mind?’ 0 is a feeling of cold turkey, 100 feels like you’ve never been a smoker. QuitWithNick is proud to say that over 96.5% of clients will report a number between 70 and 100 at the 1, 2, 3, and 4 week mark after their session. That’s the short-term success covered, in order to experience long-term success you have to be committed to making sure you never get complacent; thats what your support tools are for.


The QuitWithNick program gives you all the support tools you’ll ever need to prevent the only three things that will ever lead to relapse: Stress, alcohol and complacency.

Flexible Payment Options
To Suit All Serious Smokers With Any Budget

The Stop Smoking Program is an INVESTMENT into your health and wealth and its probably less than your monthly spend o smoking. QuitWithNick is 100% committed to making this life saving program affordable for all smokers! Ask about our: Discounts ~ Payment plans ~ Split Payments ~ After Pay ~ Instalment Plans


Call Now on 1300 883 272 to discuss a payment option that suits you.


Have a listen to Matt’s experience and result!

In the unlikely event that you start smoking again, you are 100% GUARANTEED a FREE 2-2.5hr back up session valid for your entire lifetime! (Subject to availability).


‘Contact me for a FREE 15 min Phone Assessment along with instant access to my video ‘7 MUST KNOWS to Successfully Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy‘.

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