with the help of one of Australia’s most highly reviewed stop smoking experts

Are you tired of being controlled, addicted and dependant? Sick of wasting money? Concerned about your health and future? Are you ready to take serious action to become a free and healthy non-smoker and make it permanent this time? If the answer is ‘YES!’, let me introduce you to The QuitKit™. With the right professional help and for less than the cost of four packs of cigarettes or several vapes you can achieve this.

Believe me, I get it.

Quitting for good is a difficult and often frustrating process. Many people try and fail to quit, only to find themselves returning to the habit. This can be a demoralizing and disheartening experience, and it can be difficult to know how to break free. As a smoker, you may feel trapped in a vicious cycle of stopping and starting, having some success only to relapse due to either stress, alcohol or complacency. You may feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to get the job done permanently.

You know your reasons for quitting, You’re probably over it but at the same time, it feels really hard to break the routine thats been there for so many years.


The good news is, there is a way out! With the right preparation, tools and support, you can not only break the cycle of smoking but make it last. With QuitWithNick QuitKit™ not only dissolves the urge to smoke, but it also gives you everything you could ever need to maintain your new life as a healthy nonsmoker. This isn’t just hypnosis, but a wholistic lifestyle program and that’s the difference that makes all the difference.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Nick Terrone

I’m a Psychotherapist, Stop Smoking Hypnosis Expert and ex-smoker, more than 23 years SMOKE FREE! I was once where you are now and have since helped over 4,500 smokers quit since 2008. This useless deadly habit has killed people I love. This isn’t a job for me, its my mission, passion and purpose!

My personal journey of quitting wasn’t easy. I tried and failed several times.  Stress, social drinks and complacency kept bringing me back to it until I decided that enough was enough and I wasn’t going to give myself those excuses anymore! I thought long, deep and hard about the difference that makes the difference between short term and permanent success and this program is the result.

Introducing the QuitKit™ by QuitWithNick

Your solution to finally quitting cigarettes or vapes for good (from anywhere in the world).

I created this self-paced program for two reasons; 1) I wanted to offer a more affordable option to all smokers regardless of their financial situation and 2) I wanted to help smokers anywhere in Australia, even the world, who don’t have have the capacity to come and see me in person at my Sydney Clinic.

I'm ready to quit

A Wholistic Program

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘how is this online program different to all the others out there?’. Good question!


Firstly, my expertise, skills and results speak for themselves. I’m one of Australia’s leading stop-smoking expert with over 150 five star Google reviews, more than any single individual in the country.


Secondly, my experience. To date i’ve helped over 4,600 smokers quit and that number is going up every week.


Thirdly I have a legitimate and precisely calculated success rate with over 95% of my clients saying that have a feeling of control around 80% after the program.


Fourth, my preparation process is second-to-none to get your mindset in the best possibly place to quit.


Fifth, my support tools are many and effective to help reduce the chances of relapse. Sixth, the support I offer after your QuitKit purchase (you get direct and personal access to me).


And initially, I was a smoker myself. So I know your problem personally.

Packed with Value

The QuitKit™ is packed with value:

  1. An extremely thorough preparation process to get your mind in the best possible place to quit for good.
  2. A carefully crafted MP3 ‘Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session’ which you can use over and over again that almost completely mirrors what you would do with me personally
  3. Numerous science-based, stress and emotional management tips, tools, techniques and strategies to help reduce the risk of relapse.
  4. Evidence-based breathing techniques to help you experience quick relief no matter where you are and what’s happening in the moment.
  5. Strategies for coping with boredom and those “empty” moments to make sure you stay smoke-free for the long term.
  6. A step-by-step process to accelerate and support your body’s natural detox process to make your physical transition as smooth as possible.
  7. A community of others on the same journey to provide constant encouragement, motivation and support.
  8. Direct 24/7 access to me, your personal stop smoking specialist for any on going support, should you ever need it.

Today is the day

This program gives you all of that and so much more…

Put simply, this program has 4 basic steps:

Step 1: Easy Preparation

Once purchased your QuitKit™ will be immediately sent to your inbox where you’ll receive the most comprehensive preparation material you’ll find anywhere. This crucial step gets your biggest ally in the right place, your mindset! If this isn’t right, nothing is going to work for you. These material will explain how hypnosis works, why it works, what to expect and how to listen. It dispels the many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis so when it comes time to do Step 2, your digital session, you’re 100% ready to ‘go with flow’ with no resistance to the process. This material is so thorough that people have quit just by doing it alone with absolutely no other help, like one of my client’s Craig:

Nick’s hypnosis program really works. He gives you all the tools to be a non-smoker. Nick is professional, empathetic, supportive and really wants to help you.”  – Craig (Sydney)

Step 2: Hypnosis Session

Once you’re thoroughly prepared, you’re now ready for Step 2; your MP3 Hypnosis Session. Simply find a quiet spot, sit back, close your eyes, press play, and follow along. This carefully crafted recording has been specifically designed to not only address your smoking cravings instantly, but its also a reinforcement tool you can listen to long into the future any time you want to reinforce your none smoking life. A professionally created recording made in a music studio to ensure the best possible quality and experience.

‘I found Nick super genuine through his personable approach, preparation material and post session material he supplied. Thanks Nick for believing in me and going on this journey with me. I am free finally! – (Trish Sydney)”

Step 3: Unlimited Support

Everything you need to STAY a nonsmoker forever:

  • Guided Hypnotic Meditation (10min MP3): To help manage anxiety, stress, anger and other negative emotions that could be an excuse for relapse. (Valued at $20)
  • Heart-focussed breathing technique (5min MP3). A scientifically verified technique to get relief FAST, right in the moment any time anywhere. This very process has been taught to military personnel, police officers, first responders, C Level executives and elite athletes to help build resilience and gain composure in the moment. (Valued at $30)
  • Meditation Tips For Beginners (Ebook): An easy-to-follow PDF to help you create and maintain an easy meditation practice. (Valued at $20)
  • Foods, Herbs & Vitamins to Help You Detox (Ebook): to help and support your body’s transition and maintenance as a nonsmoker. (Valued at $20)
  • Mindfulness Techniques (PDF): A one page document with 3 easy visualisation techniques for instant relaxation. (Valued at $15)
  • Quick Detox Guide (PDF): A one page quick guide packed with easy detox tips to support your body’s natural detox in the first week after quitting. (Valued at $15)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T PDF & Video): Instructional Video & PDF: A one page document and instructional video explaining Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) to instantly manage and sabotaging emotions and beliefs. (Valued at $30)
  • The Pleasant Things to do List (PDF): Boredom will never be an excuse for relapse ever again. This document contains over 300 answers to a survey where people were asked one simple question: ‘what do you do to enjoy yourself? (Valued at $25).
  • Stop Smoking Affirmations (PDF): 55 proven affirmations to reinforce and remain an empowered, proud and accomplished nonsmoking. (Valued at $20)
  • VIP Access to The QuitWithNick Facebook support group (priceless!)

THATS NEARLY $400 worth of value for just $197!

Let's do this

Step 4: Me, Nick Terrone

Here’s the kicker. You get direct access to me, not some offshore virtual assistant or automated A.I chat bot. You’ll have my personal email address and my mobile number at hand whenever you need me. What other online quit smoking program creator gives you their personal number? That’s invaluable I’m sure you’d agree.


With my personal help and guidance your chances at permanent, long term success goes up dramatically. 

To sum it up, you’ll receive a wholistic and thorough lifestyle program created by one of Australia’s leading and most highly reviewed quit smoking experts along with all the support to make sure you quit for good.

The support tools and direct access to me alone is worth the entire value of this program.

So what’s the investment into becoming a healthier and wealthier nonsmoker free of cigarettes or vapes?

Believe it or not, it’s only $197!

That’s the cost of about 4 packets of Winnie Blues (my old brand) or several vapes. Let’s be honest, if you’re not willing to invest this amount of money, then you’re just not serious about quitting.

"Nick, I owe so much to you. He has saved my life and has helped me save so much money. If you are going to quit smoking Nick is the way to do it. I was smoking 30-40 per day and never believed in hypnotherapy and Nick showed me how it works. He was very informative about what was going to happen in the process. I have not had another smoke or even felt the need for one for 4 and 1/2 years." (Scott Sydney)

Instant Download

  • Digital Program

    QWN QuitKit


    The Quit with Nick QuitKit is an all-in-one solution to help you quit smoking for good. With the QuitKit, you get all the tools you need to create a strong foundation for quitting, so you can start your journey to a smoke-free life.

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This is how passionate I am about my work...

If it’s ok with you, I’m going to share something a little personal now. As a teenager I had to watch 3 dear and close relatives of mine take their last few agonising breaths  though a respirator as they died in front of me. Cause of death: smoking! In that moment I knew that one day I would do what I could to prevent this from happening to other smokers and their families.


I didn’t know how I was going to do it at the time, but fast forward to today, I now have the skills to do this. if you purchase this QuitKit™, I’m going to tell you right now that its actually easy to share the entire thing with any close friends or family who many not be able to afford it so I can help you help them. I’m giving you full permission to share this.


All I ask is that you make sure they are dead serious about quitting and willing to put in the effort to follow all the steps of the program. If they quit, all I ask in return is that they write me a Google review so I can continue to help others QuitWithNick.

Let's do this

Verified Google Reviews

Nick I owe so much to you. He has saved my life and has helped me save so much money. If you are going to quit smoking Nick is the way to do it.
Scott Brown
5 Star Google Review
I was smoking 50 cigarettes a days and I could not stop. I walked in his studio as a smoker and when I walk out I was a non smoker. Unbelievable!
Andrea Voi
5 Star Google Review
Never thought I could be smoke free in a week. I saw Nick 1 week ago & I feel great. I’m calm & relaxed & don’t even think about smoking. Thanks Nick..
Cathy Ward
5 Star Google Review

“Breathe better, look better, feel better, live longer and save THOUSANDS in just one session!”

– Nick Terrone

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