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5 Reasons Why Stop Smoking Hypnosis WILL NOT Work For You (and how to avoid them)

(Watch the video below of this blog). Ok. So you’ve decided you want to stop smoking cigarettes or vapes and you’re considering Hypnotherapy. Here are the 5 reasons why stop smoking hypnotherapy WILL NOT work for you, and how to avoid them.

1) DUE DILIGENCE (or lack of). Of course it almost goes without saying that if you haven’t done your research on finding the right Hypnotherapist and have just gone with the cheapest and closest geographically, chances are it’s not going to work for you. It’s absolutely CRUCIAL that you ask a hypnotherapists the right questions and really get to know them, their experience, process and results. Questions like: do specialise in smoking only? Do you have a program or is it just a walk-in-walk-out session? are you going to prepare me well for the session? if so, how?, are you going to follow me up after the session? what support tools if any will you give me to prevent relapse? how do you calculate your success rate? If you’re not asking these questions, again, chances are it’s not going to work.

2) SILVER BULLET THINKING. Of course every smoker would love it if quitting was easy and some smokers (usually because of their misconceptions about hypnosis) are under the false impression that hypnotherapy is the easy way to quit. Essentially, ‘it’ll be the silver bullet to help me stop smoking’. If this is the thinking you’re approaching hypnotherapy to stop Smoking with, it’s not going to work for you. The more you’re looking for the silver bullet, the more you’ll never find it. Here is the interesting paradox though, the more you’re NOT expecting hypnotherapy to be the silver bullet, the more likely you are to EXPERIENCE the hypnotherapy as a silver bullet. It’s all a mindset thing.

3) WANT VS WILLINGNESS. Of course the answer would be an emphatic ‘YES” if you asked every smoker who wants to quit: would you like to experience better health, better breathing, improved circulation, better sense of smell and taste, better teeth and gums, improved sleep, more money, less isolation, less nagging, no stigma, less judgement, less inconvenience, more energy, more endurance, more stamina and to live longer. BUT just because every smoker WANTS that, it doesn’t mean they are WILLING to do what it takes to get those benefits. Thats what i mean when i say ‘want vs willingness’.

4) UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS. This almost goes without saying but its worth mentioning. If you have deeper ‘stuff’ going on that smoking might be ‘helping you with’, then stop smoking hypnosis is unlikely to do its thing for you. This takes a bit of honest self reflection by asking yourself; ‘is there anything i think is standing in the way of me REALLY achieving this goal?’. If you have unresolved anxiety, or if you’re not satisfied in some other area of life, chances are when you get rid of the urge to smoke with hypnosis, those feelings are going to bubble to the surface and those feelings are going to seem like an urge to smoke.

5) SELF SABOTAGE. Like it or not, admit it or not, every one of us some some level of self sabotage going on. The question is ‘how much is it going to effect me in achieving this goal?’. It’s another one of those things where you have to be really honest with yourself. Some if us get some weird satisfaction in ‘staying small’ and ‘playing the victim’ hoping the saviour will come and rescue us. Every dynamic we are running in our personality and mind has SOME pay off, some conscious or unconscious benefit, no matter how ‘bad’ you think it might be. If there wasn’t a benefit, or secondary gain, we wouldn’t be sabotaging ourselves would we? It’s just logical. If this is happening for you start really looking at the deeper beliefs you may have that are proving up the self sabotage structure. If you’re able to pinpoint those beliefs you’re then in a position to realise how they are not serving you and then you can either let them go or not. At least then its a conscious choice to continue running that program rather than have it run you unconciously.

Please comment, let me know what you thoughts or ask me any questions below. Show you care and please share. Feel free to call me directly any time on 1300 883 272.

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