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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, 5 Reasons Why a Specialist is So Important.

(A video of this content has been posted at the bottom of this blog). In this blog i’m going to share with you why it’s important to choose a specialist to help you quit smoking with hypnosis as opposed to a generalist. These tips will help you find the right hypnotherapist for you to increase the likelihood of permanent success.

1. Almost all hypnotherapists will tell you that they can help with many things such as weightless, anxiety, phobias, chocolate/alcohol/shopping addiction, better sleep, depression, exercise motivation etc. In many cases hypnosis can be effective and can help in these cases. However, its important to know that if they can help in all of these ares, they are not a specialist but a generalist. Its like the difference between your family GP and the specialist they will refer you to when you need more expert attention.

2. If you see a specialist who is an expert in one problem, they are likely to have gone further down the rabbit hole in terms of investigating that problem. They would have spent more time and energy to understand the complexities of the problem. They are more likely to understand the dynamics at play. They basically know more about one thing because they have focussed on it. As the old saying goes, you get good at what you practice. The more you practice solving one particular problem, the better and better you get at solving that problem for others.

3. A specialist will have better and more fine tuned skills for that particular problem. This means they are likely to better understand what needs to be in place, mentally, emotional and physiologically for you to succeed leading up to your session. They are also likely to better prepare you for after your stop smoking hypnosis session. It’s important that after your session you feel 100% confident that you can face stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, overwhelm, boredom, complacency, alcohol, social situations and others smokers being around you. A specialist should give you effective, practical, easy-to-do, tips, strategies and tools to help make sure you’ll never relapse. The more a hypnotherapist specialises in one field, the more support tools they are likely to give you.

4. Heres a big one. They are much more invested in your result. If you specialise in solving one problem, as a business owner it is crucial that you solve that one problem very well for almost everyone who walks through your door. If you don’t, your client is going to be upset and they are never going to recommend you to their smoking friends and work colleagues. We all love to refer people we care about to the good experiences and results we have experienced. Most of my clients find me via word of mouth or on google because of my many 5-star reviews. This would not happen if I wasn’t heavily invested in the results of all my clients.

5. The biggest reason of them all: a higher and legitimate success rate. Following on from number 4 reason above, specialists need to really care about the success of their practice. This includes having a high success rate and a REAL one. Most generalist hypnotherapists will say that have a success rate of over 95%, but almost no smoker will ask the next crucial question which is: ‘how do you calculate that success rate?’. It’s the one question that makes all the difference. Most generalists will tell you thats the percentage of smokers who walked out their office and never heard from again. Hm …. does that mean they stopped smoking? A specialist worth their salt will follow up with you regularly for at least a month after your session to make sure you get to the 21 day mark. Why 21 days? Because thats how long it takes to break a habit. Its so important! If you have gone past 21 days of not smoking, you have successfully broken the habit of smoking. The challenge after that is to never give yourself an excuse to take a single puff ever again; thats a completely different thing.

Please let me know what you thought of this blog, did it help you? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call me directly any time on 1300 883 272.

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