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* Over eating

* Emotional eating

* Boredom eating.

* Binge drinking.

* Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burn out.

* Low mood and depression.

* Confusion and uncertinty. 

* Relationship issues.

* Reduced confidence, self worth and self-esteem.


Lets face it, staying home might have some benefits, but it has also caused many problems. Due to popular demand Nick now offers hypnotherapy services for all of the above.


If you are being challenged by something not listed above CALL NICK NOW ON 1300 883 272 TO DISCUSS HOW HE CAN HELP YOU.


What' Involved?

The QuitWithNick Weight Loss, Alcohol Reduction and Anxiety Program consists of a minimum 3 Session Package.

* 3 x 90 minute Face-to-Face Sessions. This includes a detailed assessment to more fully determine YOUR specific situation and requirements. It's important we get a complete understanding about your goals and what's standing in the way to help you achieve them. The actual sessions may include a mixture of therapy modalities including: Rapid Change Therapy, N.L.P, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T). The specific techniques used in these sessions will vary from individual to individual depending on the information gathered during your first session.

* Post-Session Tools and Techniques. You will receive specific tools, techniques, processes and information for you to use, practice and refer to in order for you to better help yourself in the future. Depending on your goal, it may include a combination of stress/anxiety management techniques, videos, MP3 Hypnotic Downloads, Neuro Linguistic Programing processes, natural foods/herbs/remedies to promote more health and wellness and any other resources that are relevant to your goals.

Follow Up. Nick will be in touch with you during the entire process and long after your sessions to help guide, encourage and support you even further to make sure your goals are achieved and realised for the long term.


The Investment?

All sessions, support tools and personal follow ups at a total of $695 (Inc GST). $100 deposit paid at the time over the booking with the balance to be settled at your first session.


Location Availability?

Nick's office is located in Sussex Street, Sydney CBD and is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am, 1:30pm or 4:30pm.