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Cigarettes: How Can This Stimulant Be Relaxing Me?

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It’s paradoxical isn’t it? We all know that cigarettes can’t possibly be calming the body down because it’s a stimulant. So why does it FEEL like it is?

On the one hand, we know that any stimulant, as the name suggests, is stimulating the body and the nervous system and when this is happening you are increasing the body’s alertness and agitation. When this is happening on a biological level, your body is anything BUT relaxed. Most you probably already knew this.

I’ve been helping people quit smoking cigarettes with hypnosis for over 8 years now. Almost every smoker I have ever seen will tell me that they use cigarettes when they are stressed and they smoke to ‘calm down’.

So how is this so? How can it be calming me down?

It is basically because of the MENTAL ASSOCIATION that a smoker has with cigarettes. If you have a conscious (or subconscious) association to cigarettes being ‘calming’, then this is the corresponding chemical that will be release by your brain just after you take that first drag, and then, ‘ahhhh . . . ‘, you’ll have the feeling of relaxation, even though your body will be stimulated at the same time. This is more proof of the power of your mind over your body.

Your conscious and subconscious mind is so powerful, that it can create more overpowering biochemistry and the effect of the stimulating cigarette. It’s also the endorphin rush of pleasure that a smoker can feel after that first drag which can also play a powerful role in maintaining this connection to cigarettes. Even if you’re at the point of hating cigarettes, even if you’re NOT enjoying them anymore. Your subconscious mind has made this connection and unless you address this deep seeded connection, you’re always going to find it harder to quit smoking than it really needs to be.

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The Importance of Releasing Negative Emotions At The Unconscious Level

We are multi-layered beings and what we are aware of in any moment, as we have known for a while now, is not all the information that is available to us, but only a very small chunk of it. As we all know we have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind and through a process of filtering, we are only aware of 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information in any one moment. But the unconscious mind is said to be taking in millions of bits of information in any one second.

From a more metaphysical perspective, you could say that at our core we are vibrational beings operating within a particular frequency. What we are aware of in any given moment is simply the result of our senses interpreting a very specific and energetic vibrational frequency. Even this concept is not so much of a fluffy spiritual idea any more but a scientific fact. Everything around us at its very basis is a frequency vibration with a specific 'pitch', if you will. This is the reason for all things taking on a particular manifested form that our senses can then interpret.

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The unconscious mind is a very powerful part of who we are. It is the part of us that is really 'holding all the strings', so-to-speak. It is the part of our mind that is laying the foundations for our conscious experience. It is said that the unconscious mind is responsible for 96-98% of who we are, what we do and our automatic behaviours.

The primary function of the unconscious mind is to always seek out and maintain protection, safety and security. The unconscious mind is said to be part of our higher self, the greater whole, that part of us which is there before, during and after our birth.

So how do emotional barriers occur? How do negative emotions get trapped in our bodies?

Well, in any given moment, especially during a significant emotional event, otherwise known as an S.E.E, the unconscious mind is always making decisions in the interest of safety and security.

Or first 7 years of life are said to be the most important years where our personalities are being established. We are like downloading machines downloading information, systems and programs from our immediate environment, parents and siblings. Any unhelpful behaviours, habits or patterns often, but not always, are rooted in these early years of life.

When the unconscious mind comes across a moment, event or situation which it perceives as a threat to its safety and security it makes a decision about that event, a decision which from that moment forward will look to avoid or cope with in any way that it can. This is also the moment that a negative emotion can instantly get stored in the body. From this moment on any time the unconscious mind comes across what it perceives as a similar threatening situation, it will instantly react and respond in accordance with the decision it made a long time ago during the original S.E.E, or the first event.

human-body1-225x300 Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sydney | Quit With NickWe know from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that certain emotions are associated with and stored in different areas of the body. E.g.; anger and frustration are stored in the gull bladder and liver. Guilt, shame and regret are stored in the large intestines and lungs. Worry, sympathy and negative thought rumination stored in the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Fear and anxiety is stored in the bladder and kidneys. The last one makes sense when you think about it. This is why we feel we need to go urinate when we are nervous, or we wet ourselves when severely frightened or anxious.

What this all means is that if a past emotional blockage is left unresolved and continues to be compounded upon by similar events an illness or disease can result in that organ or area of the body. All this illness and disease is, is an indicator of the type of unresolved emotion that needs to be released.

How do we release this emotion and resolve the conflict?

One method is to work with the unconscious mind. By using a process called Time Line Therapy, it is possible to ask the unconscious mind to bring you back to the very first event, the root cause of the unhelpful pattern or negative emotion so that it can be released.

Resolving the event and letting go of the negative emotion is then simply a matter of using your imagination and unconscious mind to observe the first original event in a particular way. We then ask the unconscious mind to gather any and all positive learnings that were there hidden in the event. The idea being that everything that happens to us happens for a reason and happens ultimately to help us serve and fulfil our higher purpose.

This may sound a little hard to accept at first, but no matter how horrible, horrific or traumatizing an event may have been for us, there is ALWAYS a positive learning, lesson or benefit hidden within it. After all, we as humans learn and are able to distinguish what we want and don't want only through contrast. We can only know what happiness is if we experience sadness, cold if we know hot, black if we know white. However during the actual event when it was taking place, you could have been so overly consumed by the negative emotions, you probably were not asking yourself; 'now what's the positive learning I'm supposed to get here', or 'how am I going to benefit from this experience?'.

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The release of the unresolved negative emotions from the first event can happen instantly once we are able to fully integrate and associate with the positive lessons, higher meaning and purpose of the event.

The earlier one can recognise an unhelpful pattern and resolve it, the earlier they can intervene and prevent a disease or illness in its associated organ.

To your health,

Nick Terrone

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