Let me say right off hand, 'ITS NOT YOU, ITS THEM'!

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And when i say 'them', i mean the Hypnotherapist you have paid to help you stop smoking with hypnotherapy. You see, Hypnosis as a way to stop smoking can absolurely be a powerful way to quit (and thats why its generally the most expensive way to quit), HOWEVER, its only as powerful as the Hypnotherapist is competant.

Makes sense right?

A badly built house isn't necessarily that way because of poor tools used, it's usually because the builder is incompetant or cutting corners, or just doesn't care very much about the job.

Enough about that, lets get to the only reason why hypnosis will not help someone quit, and that reason is . . . . A LACK OF PREPARATION BY THE HYPNOTHERAPIST BEFORE THE ACTUAL HYPNOSIS!

Thats it folks, its as simple as that. And here's why. Unlike what some people may think happens during hypnosis to stop smoking, you're not actually 'asleep' during the session, far from it in fact. You're extremely alert to your surroundings, your mind wonders, you're aware of your thoughts, self talk and your internal dialouge and that right there, will either make or break your outcome and hence, your stop smoking hypnosis result!

This is why the preparation BEFORE sitting in that hypnosis chair, beleive it or not, is MORE IMPORTANT than what actually happens in the chair!

If your concious mind is not in the right place to allow and go with the flow of the process, its simply going to resist and persist with all the wrong self-talk like;

'i'm not hypnotised'

'is this working?'

'am I hypnotised?'

'Is this it, I paid all this money for them to tell me what i already know?'

'Why am I still awake?'

'Aren't I suppose to be asleep?'

'That sounded rediculous'

'Yeah right, blah blah blah'. etc etc.

So to avoid wasting your time and money only to be dissapointed with your result, here are X tips and questions to ask your hypnotherapist when doing your research:

1) How do you prepare me before the session? If there is little-to-none, hang up and call someone else.

2) How long is the preparation process take? If its all done in one 'quit cigarettes in 60 minutes session', hang up and call someone else. There is no way a thorough preparation can be done in such a short period of time, let alone a proper hypnosis.

3) Just in case im not much or a reader, do you have multiple formats for the preparation I do before the session, is there an audio version for example?

Armed with these simple questions (and others i will share with you in other blog posts to come), you are much more likely to have a positive experience as well as a positive and powerful result.

To your health,


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