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The fact that SO MANY people can and DO quit cold turkey is proof that it can be done. But it's it interesting that you HARDLY EVER see anything in the main stream media promoting NATURAL ways to quit cigarettes and stop smoking? I sometimes wonder why that is. It seems that these days the media seems to be the 'marketing department' of drug companies.

Why do i say that?  broken-cigarette-590x400 Help Me Quit Cigarettes Naturally | QuitWithNick

Because often the media seem to spend a lot of thier time either telling us all the stuff we ALREADY KNOW about how bad smoking is for us. OR, they waste thier time comparing all the Niccotine Replacement Therapies (NRT's) out there buy letting us know about the latest 'scientific research' about one method over the other.

Here's why I think they do this.

It's to basically promote and market certain types of drugs which leads to more sales for drug companies.

As you can image, I keep a pretty close eye on articles and media and it shocks me HOW LITTLE information there is out there for smokers to help them quit ON THEIR OWN! Especially in the mainstream media.

The fact is that the media is unlikely to sing the praises of any NATURAL ways to quit cigarettes because the drug companies WILL NOT benefit from natural ways to quit smoking.

My messgae here is simple. DO NOT let the media brain wash you into thinking that YOU'RE A DRUG ADDICT, because you're not! You have a powerful PSYCHOLOGICAL dependency NOT a physical one and a psychological dependency CAN be broken with psychological techniques which is exactly what I help my clients with.

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